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Window Cleaning Service Carmarthenshire

You may think that most people clean their windows to keep them looking presentable, but actually a dirty window can have a damaging long-term effect on your home. Not only will natural light and heat reduction, meaning higher energy bills, but the dirt from the environment can actually degrade the glass over time, meaning they won’t last as long. Our window cleaning service in Carmarthenshire areas are trustworthy and friendly.

Window Cleaning Equipment

The newest tool at a window cleaner’s disposal is water fed poles. These poles limit the risk even more, by allowing workers to clean high-rise windows from the safety of the ground! Not only are they much safer, they also use no chemicals, so there are no harmful toxins making their way into the ground! We use the up to date top-spec window cleaning technology with purified water fed pole systems.

This method of window cleaning uses 100% purified water which we carry in our specially adapted vans. The purified water is then pumped through carbon fibre telescopic poles which will reach heights up to 70 ft (6-7 floors). One of the main advantages of window cleaning with this method is that there are minimal health and safety risks as ladders are not required. That's why we, at Crystal Clean and Shine, have our very own 50 foot Water Fed Poles to reach the tallest of windows!

Traditional Window Cleaning

Through experience, we know that old traditional window cleaning methods is sometimes the best way to achieve a quality, cost effective finish. Ladders, a squeegee and a bucket of soapy water can on occasion be the best solution.

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